BlueMarble Downloads

Here you can download the full image. It's available in two different packages, please think which one you want/need before downloading
- the number of downloads per day is limited.
Webpage as ZIP: This is similar to the webpage, i.e. a HTML page showing the whole earth and linking to many small tiles in full resolution. Download this if you just want to look at the map, just like on the webpage, but without being online.
Map as JPEG: This is the complete 43200x21600 pixel sized map in one jpg image. Use this if you want to edit the map. It's nearly identical to the original files from VisibleEarth, just the western and eastern part of the world combined and converted to one JPG and thus much smaller (and with typically unnoticeable JPG-artifacts).
Warning: The image is quite big, please make sure your computer can handle it before opening. You have been warned. (This warning used to be more serious before everybody had many GiB RAM available, but even today it still apllies)